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Commercial Food Service Equipment for Canadian Operators & Chefs

Food Service Solutions, Inc.

Executive Chef Consultants | Distributor of Commercial Food Service Equipment

Our Products

We know that the best charcoal ovens come form Spain and the most advanced yet easy-to-use combi ovens come from Italy. And the dry ager cure system that produces the best meat anywhere is manufactured in Germany.
At Food Service Solutions, we know because we’ve searched the world finding, testing, and proving the superiority of our commercial food service equipment solutions for successful chefs and operators, just like you.

Delivery Service

Looking for Warranty Service Support?

We are a Real OEM Parts Distributor and Warranty Service Contact for all our brands. Not sure if your product is under warranty? Fill out our sevice intake form below to find out.

About Us

We're a team of Chefs.

Why? Because we believe the best people to help any food service operation are those most passionate about great food and quality service.

For over 50 years, we have been scouring the world looking for products that address the daily operational challenges of kitchen life. We understand that this is a never-ending mission and will continue to always seek the best. We’ve made it our goal to provide kitchen equipment solutions to improve the lives of foodservice operators. 

Wondering about our products or have questions about the best equipment for your estbalishment? Let us know how we can help.

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Test Kitchen Events

Live Food Equipment Demos Hosted By Our Executive Chefs Are Back!

We see a challenge, demonstrate a solution and play a key role helping operators grow to be as successful as they can be.” - Dan McIntosh, Executive Chef Consultant, FSS.

At Food Service Solutions, we understand the value in experiencing commercial food service equipment in action and being able to taste the results! Demonstrating solutions tailored to an operation’s unique menu and service style is what our chefs do best. FSS Live! is your opportunity to discover how to achieve vast improvements in your operation – and your life!
Solutions that help overcome the modern day challenges Canadian chefs and operators face:

Reduced labour requirements | Fewer bottlenecks, faster service | Improved food quality and consistency | Lower food, and resource costs | Automation, connectivity, mobility and so much more!

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Our only mission is to help


We don’t charge for our time; we simply believe in community, collaboration, and helping each other thrive, even if it means recommending solutions that we don’t offer. We understand that a strong hospitality sector benefits us all.

Whether you need assistance with one of our products, or just have a question, feel free to contact us or one of our chefs today and watch how quickly we respond back!

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